Oracle Consultant (Bronto API)

  • Frontendarts Pvt Ltd
  • Appleton, WI
  • Job ID: FA-0100-546
  • Open Since: Dec 6, 2019

Job Description:

Frontend Arts brings together the brightest minds to create breakthrough technology solutions, helping our customers gain a competitive advantage. We are continuously evolving how we work and how we look at business challenges, so we can continue to deliver measurable, sustainable solutions to our clients.  

We are looking for a self-motivated "Oracle Consultant (Bronto API)" with excellent communication and customer service skills.

Key Skills:

  • Minimum Experience: 7 Yrs

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • The Bronto API is designed for developers who would like to interact with the Bronto application in a programmatic way.
  • The API exposes nearly all of the capabilities presented in the graphical user interface.
  • The API was originally designed using the SOAP API protocol, a standard method for web applications to interoperate.
  • Brontos newest offerings leverage the convenience and flexibility of REST. With our REST API client, you can access and work with your product and order data.
  • On this site, you will find a complete documentation of the SOAP and REST API calls, as well as sample code in a variety of languages.


Must have a Bachelor's degree, preferably in Computer Science or Engineering